Why Preventative Plumbing Maintenance is the most important service for your home

Bad plumbing is the primary downfall of any house and home. If there is a leak, it can go totally unnoticed for days, weeks or months. If pipes burst – they can completely destroy your home and easily cost you thousands in repairs!

Whether you need Plumbing services in Park Orchards, or any of Melbourne’s north eastern suburbs, Trend Plumbing makes it easy to call for maintenance works. It can be frighteningly easy to simply leave a leak alone until a newer, bigger problem happens, but we can’t stress enough the importance of preventative plumbing maintenance. By being on top of your plumbing systems and ensuring that everything is structurally sound and in working order, you will be preventing future expenses and potentially massive damage costs. On top of these risks, your insurance is likely not to cover you if you’re not maintaining your plumbing or doing DIY jobs.

It’s your responsibility to take care of your home – this is why a lot of your money can be spent if something goes wrong with your plumbing. Even more, your insurance company might not be able to help you out at all with these costs if you’ve done a DIY job in the past! Depending on your particular insurance company, there are often clauses that demand your work be done by an experienced contractor, plumber etc.

To avoid any major issues, it is best practice to organize regular preventative plumbing maintenance. This can and will save you home (and your wallet!) in the future. It is as simple as setting up an appointment with your local plumber so that you can know well in advance if anything is looking worse for wear, about to spring a leak or if you have any damaged material in your system.

Beyond repairs, you can also expect savings on your energy, heating and hot water services. When you have your regular appointments for preventative maintenance then you will avoid any potential leaks. If these issues were to go unchecked for a period of time, they can waste your water and cause your plumbing to work much harder than it’s built for. It can also cause damage to the house itself – ruining foundations or flooding the yard!

Regular plumbing maintenance will increase your plumbing’s durability as your plumber will be able to replace any parts – like valves or pumps – that might cause future problems.

By getting attention to these areas early on, it only makes sense that your plumbing will last longer.  Not only this, but increased durability of your plumbing will prevent emergencies. Too often plumbers get called out for an emergency only to advise that the homeowner needs to have their entire system fixed.

In plumbing when one thing begins to fail, it puts pressure on the surrounding system and it then becomes easy for everything to degrade quicker. When one bolt loosens, there’s stress put on the whole system – causing all the bolts to become less stable, sooner.

You can prevent this budding emergencies and you want to do so because they are very expensive and can ruin your home by flooding. It’s also not a quick job to fix!

If you are wondering about the last time your plumbing was checked up on, then maintenance on a regular schedule is the best way to go. This will prevent emergencies later that put you unnecessarily out of pocket.