3 tips for a burst pipe while waiting for an Emergency Plumber Montrose & Melbourne

You are normally strongly advised against DIY plumbing. There are lots of reasons for this:

  • Making the situation worse
  • Insurance Providers don’t take kindly to this
  • It may be illegal
  • Dangerous!

Despite this fair warning, there are few instances where it might be a good idea to do a quick fix while waiting for your emergency plumber in Montrose & Melbourne to arrive. When you find a burst, cracked or broken pipe every second can count. Think of these tips as a first aid, temporary solution while remembering that there is no replacement for professional help – these will purely help to prevent the crack, burst or leak from getting worse.

Tip 1 – Turn it off!

As with most plumbing emergencies, the first thing to do when you spot a leak or a burst pipe is to shut off your water supply as soon as possible. The place to do this is usually found outside in your front garden, this will cut off the flow of water to your house entirely. When doing this, you’ll want to then turn the tap at the end of the leaky line to drain any water out of the leaky pipe. Finish this plumbing first aid trick by wiping down the broken section of the pipe. This is done to make it easier to start with other band-aid attempts as well as making your emergency plumbers’ job just a bit easier.

Tip 2 – Duct tape is your friend

In this trying time, turn to the old reliable duct tape. It is a waterproof and strong material and can be found in just about every home. It is truly a marvel of a product with the most scientific of tests proving that it can lift up to 1 tonne, build a boat that is fit for the seas and patch up / hold together a dismantled car. So you can rest assured that it is up to the task of temporarily patching up the problem area until the experts arrive. To ensure the tape has the best chance at successfully containing the issue:

  • Clean and dry off your burst pipes
  • Use several layers of duct tape
  • Wrap tightly around the entire pipe to create a tighter seal

Tip 3 – Use a clamp

So we know that not many Australian homes have plumbing clamps just lying around. If you do though, it’s finally time for them to shine. Bring them out of the dark and put them to work. Using a simple C-clamp to two can be an effective way to hold your pipes together. Although it is a very short-term solution for issues like hairline cracks or pinhole leaks. Combining them with a rubber sheet can hold it all together until help arrives.

If you’re looking at a larger burst or crack, a sleeve clamp – if you’ve got one of those – might be more appropriate for the job. These completely cover entire sections of the pipe and can keep it together for the short waiting time until the emergency plumber arrives.

A burst pipe?! Call an Emergency Plumber Montrose & Melbourne ASAP!